Powermax MCX-8 expander voor MCR-308 (8-uitgangen)





Powermax MCX-8 expander voor MCR-308 (8-uitgangen)

8-zone uitbreiding voor MCR-308 ontvanger, type MCX-8, 868 MHz:
Uitgangen (OC): 8 x zone NO.NC (max. 8 zenders per zone)
4 x storing (tamper, lage accu, RF-jamming en activiteit controle)

The MCX-8 is an 8-zone output expander designed to increase the number of outputs of the MCR-308 wireless receiver. Up to three MCX-8 expanders, with eight "open collector" outputs each, can be added to the MCR-308 via a supervised communication bus. Dry contact outputs can be provided if needed, using the RL-8 relay module that converts 8 open collector outputs to dry contact outputs.

For maximum convenience, the expander modules can be installed either close to the receiver or at the control panel end, with a distance of up to 1 kilometer (0.62 mile) between the receiver and the expanders. The MCR-308 receiver continuously monitors the communication bus, issuing inactivity alerts in case the connection is interrupted.

The MCX-8's printed circuit board is enclosed in a plastic cabinet for easy installation and added protection. The base can accommodate one or two MCX-8 units, or an MCX-8 and an MCR-308 unit. For tamper protection, an on-board switch is activated when the front cover is removed.

MCX-8 Features:

  • Adds 8 outputs to the MCR-308 receiver.

  • Up to 3 MCX-8 units can be added to each MCR-308 unit.

  • Can be installed at the control panel with up to 1 kilometer (0.62 mile) distance from the receiver using a supervised bus.

  • Secure reliable communication with MCR-308 receiver.

  • Compact and easily installed.



  • Model: AG-MCX-8
  • Verzendgewicht: 1kg
  • Gefabriceerd door: Visonic

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