Powermax MCR-308 4 channel Powercode Receiver (868MHz)





MCR-308 4 channel Powercode Receiver (868MHz)

The MCR-308 is a wireless PowerCodeTM receiver designed to convert a regular hardwired control panel into a hybrid wireless system.

With the MCR-308 serving as an interface between wireless transmitters and the Control Panel, the Control Panel's zone inputs 'see' regular wired loops, as if they were directly connected to hardwired devices. The status of the receiver outputs determines whether theControl Panel's zone inputs are in an alarm state or not.

The MCR-308 is expandable by MCX-8 eight-wireless-zone expander modules.

Product Informatie

  - uitbreidbaar tot 28 zones (3 uitbreidingen)
  - voeding: 12 VDC
  - verbruik: 45 mA (gemeten zonder belasting op de uitgangen)
  - inclusief antenne
  - uitgang per zone (4): open collector: max. 100 mA elk
  - 4 storingsuitgangen (tamper, lage batterij, RF-storing en activiteit controle)
  - 4 open collector: max. 100 mA elk
  - plaats voor 1 x 8-relais output kaart of 8 zone-uitbreiding
  - inclusief tamper



  • Model: AT-007074
  • Gefabriceerd door: Visonic

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